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Donate for a car and win

The fundraising is 240,000 UAH for a car! We are collecting “in advance” because, when a fundraising request comes in, it was urgently needed yesterday.

Fundraising completed
Fundraising for Tac med

We are raising funds for 30 fully equipped medical kits and 2 backpacks for combat medics (in the absence of immediate evacuation, the contents of one such backpack are sufficient for at least two days in the field).

Fundraising completed
Partner Fundraiser for Thermal Imaging Sights

Major Fundraiser for 8 Thermal Imaging Sights in Partnership with ATN.

Fundraising completed

More than

7 500 000 UAH

CAT tourniquets
16 drones (including with thermal imagers)
Israeli bandages, decompression needles, antishock patches, and other medical supplies

Main goal

The primary goal of the fund is targeted assistance to the Ukrainian army. Among other things, this includes purchasing and delivering quality medical goods, clothing, and equipment to preserve soldiers' lives; technology that helps them be more effective in combat (sights, mounts, pouches, etc.). A separate line of expenses is the purchase of passenger cars for moving military personnel and transporting heavy equipment (Stingers, mortars).
We work with those we personally know, and those known by our acquaintances.

Chernihiv Air Defense Command Post
119 Territorial Defense
4349 M/U
4118 M/U
Steel Border
30th Brigade
5th Separate Battalion, 7089 M/U
81th Brigade
Separate Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Group S.A.R.G. "Birds of Madyar"


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About Foundation

The fundamental position of the fund is personal delivery to any point in the combat zone — this gives us the opportunity to learn about the real needs of the soldiers. In addition, this is an opportunity to make new acquaintances with those who may need help in the future.

Shortly, we will also be pre-purchasing the most popular items. Because in most cases, help requires promptness and lives depend directly on the delivery time.

Another uncompromising position of the fund is spending funds solely on the needs of the military. There are no banking expenses for the maintenance of the fund. The Armed Kit team works without salaries solely for the sake of helping the soldiers and victory over the Russian invaders.

Charity Foundation Armed kit

United, we approach victory faster! Let's support Ukrainian soldiers together!